Author Guidelines

  1. The article has never been published / published in a periodical or book.
  2. The topic of the writing is in accordance with the scope of the study of the journal, namely...
  3. Written in Indonesian with a manuscript length of 6000 - 7000 words with 1.5 quarto size space.
  4. All proposal writing must include abstracts in English (translation through language institutions that will be formed soon) (150-250 words) and keywords (5-10 words).
  5. Every Arabic word that has not been officially standardized in Indonesian is written following the established transliteration guidelines, written in italic type, except for the name of the person, place, institution, and the like. The same thing applies to the writing of other foreign words, including local/ indigenous languages.
  6. The author submits the manuscript online through the OJS journal.
  7. All manuscripts use references with footnotes models. The following rules are written:

      FaridEsack, Qur’an, Liberation and Pluralism: An Islamic Perspective of Interreligious Solidarity against Oppression (Oxford: Oneworld Publications, 1997), 73.

Translated book:

      JosteinGaarder, Dunia Sophie, ter. RahmaniAstuti (Bandung: Mizan, 1997), 127.

Book chapterorencyclopedia:

  1. Muhammad AS Hikam, “CendekiawandanPenguatan Civil Society di Indonesia,” dalamKebebasanCendekiawan: RefleksiKaum Muda, ed. Tim Editor Masika (Jogjakarta: BentangBudaya, 1996), 124.
  2. D.S. Adam, “Theology,” Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, vol. 12, ed. James Hastings, et. al. (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, t.t.), 293.

Article in journal:

Asghar Ali Engineer, “On Developing Liberation Theology in Islam,” Islam and Modern Age, 1 (Februari, 1982), 114.

Article in newspaper:

  1. LuqmanHakiem, “Tasawufdan Proses Demokratisasi,” KOMPAS, 30 Maret 2001, 4.


      Qs. al-Qashash (28): 5.

New Testament

Yoh. 20: 31.

  • If you recite the same references in order, then simply write: Ibid. If the pages are different, just add the page numbers: Ibid., 14.
  • If the reference is re-quoted intermittently by one or more different references, then simply write the author's last name along with the first word of the title of the reference. For example, Zahrah, Ushul ... 35.
  • Note:
    For Arabic-Indonesian transliteration, international journal projections use international transliteration standards, while national journal projections use the Ministry of Religion standards.