Review Process

1. The editor receives the manuscript from the author;
2. The editor evaluates the manuscript (objective and scope of the journal, in-house style, additional data);  (Rejected if it does not meet the criteria)
3. Manually filtering editors for plagiarism in offline and online databases; (Rejected if a large plagiarism is found, the author is contacted if any reductions are found or minor plagiarism for clarification)
4. The editor sends the manuscript to the reviewer along with a review form (double blind review, both reviewer and author remain anonymous to each other);
5. Reviewer sends back their review form to the Editor (with revised manuscript if necessary);
6. Editor's decision (rejected, requires major revision, needs minor revision, or is accepted);
7. Confirmation to the Author.
8. If revised, the author revises the manuscript and must be returned to the editor without delay. Returns later than three months will be considered as new shipments.